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July 2016 Archives

Options for managing medical debt in Tennessee

After dealing with a major injury or illness, the last thing someone in Tennessee wants to face is the hassle of medical bills. The cost for hospital stays, diagnostic tests, therapy and lab fees can add up quickly and leave a person facing a mountain of medical debt. Getting a handle on it from the beginning may prevent the situation from getting out of hand.

People seek debt relief when collection calls overwhelm

For some who are burdened with debt, constant calls from debt collectors may seem  like a way of life. These calls may cause people to stop answering their phones altogether, assuming that the ringing of the phone can never be good news. People in Tennessee who feel overwhelmed may begin to look at options for debt relief.

Student loans and Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Of all the debts that a young person can face in America today, student loan debt is by far the most prevalent. Tennessee students already likely know that it is almost impossible for such a debt to be discharged, even in the case of a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing. However, "almost" impossible does leave room for certain special considerations to be made. 

Credit card debt can be dealt with in several ways

Having too much debt can place one in an uncertain and sometimes hopeless position. When faced with overwhelming debt as a result of credit card overuse, a common response is to cut up the card entirely. However, Tennessee residents may be surprised to learn this is not always the best response to credit card debt. While some individuals face debt they cannot handle, many others may be able to mitigate their debt problems in other ways. 

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